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How can schools eclipse the hidden racism of young White Americans?

How can schools eclipse the hidden racism of young White Americans?

Schools will increasingly become responsible to eclipse the hidden racism of young White Americans. Researchers are reporting that age differences have minimal impact on the developed opinions that continue to perpetrate historical challenges associated with racism. Not only will schools need to identify contributory factors but they will need to develop positive transformative processes that […]

How homework helps teachers?

How homework helps teachers?

The debate on how homework helps teachers continues in education with cheers and jeers on both sides of the issue. Students and many parents are cheering that the new school trend is helping to eliminate the excessive loads of homework that lead to the reduction of quality family time. Teachers are left wondering why would […]

What makes a good primary teacher?

What makes a good primary teacher?

  A good primary teacher can make a life long difference in the children whom they teach. However, in some instances children and their parents perceive that their teacher is more of a hindrance than a blessing. A good primary teacher has the ability to teach parents to better prepare their children to successfully negotiate through […]

How should teachers respond to new teacher evaluation standards?

In a recent article, New York Governor Cuomo has instituted new standards for teacher evaluations which will eventfully become a national standard operating procedure for all teachers. Union leaders, teachers, and parents continue to oppose the new measure. Teachers can offset the burdens proposed by the new teacher evaluation standards by implementing a pre and […]

Will the new civil rights policy change cost schools billions?

The new head for the United States Department of Education proposes a civil rights policy change that could cost schools billions. The department has had great success in protecting the rights of individuals as well as schools. Schools can avert these additional cost by applying several proactive strategies before the new civil rights policy change […]

How should teachers respond to recent police shootings?

A recent article proposes several solutions for teaching children regarding the recent police shootings. The proposed solutions do not take into account the power structure that dominates the schools culture. Teachers will need to place a premium on developing classroom relationships before proceeding to teach children regarding the recent police shootings. According to the article, […]

How should teachers eliminate becoming victims of discipline associated with swastika symbols?

Teachers are becoming victimized by the acts of students across the nation that are associated with swastika symbols. This shift is causing reverse discrimination to become an integral part of a school’s culture. Teachers will need to consider instructional  alternatives that result in educating students who are the perpetrators of using swastika symbols. According to […]

How can teachers avoid the perception of systemic racism?

The war on systemic racism continues to forge forward and the battle will eventually take place in the classroom. Teachers who are unprepared will suffer the most and become publicly ridiculed resulting in a drastically reduced teaching force for which the next generations will pay for dearly. Teachers must distance themselves from accusations of disproportionate […]

How can teachers reduce the rise in racist abuse suspensions?

The  election of the new United States president is not the sole purpose for the rise in racist abuse suspensions. Not only is there and increase in the United States, but the United Kingdom is suffering the same challenges. A classroom management technique that empowers students is the key to eliminating the rise in racist abuse suspensions. […]

How can White teachers survive the new Donald Trump era?

The recent 2016 presidential election of Donald Trump will present racial challenges for White teachers across the country. Many Black and Hispanic students will devalue the intentions of their White teachers which will ultimate impact student achievement and the overall mission of the school. Teachers will now face the challenge of meeting their mission to […]

How can teachers help Black students who get stressed out about racism in schools?

In a recent article, researchers report that racism creates hormones in students which is counterproductive to their academic success and is the primary contributor to racism in schools. Once again researchers have placed the blame on Black parents instead of focusing on the most important factor that contributes to the success of historically underserved students. […]

How should West Des Moines teachers respond to accusations of deep racial disparities?

In a recent article, a cultural audit conducted by the Iowa State University revealed that there exist racial disparities at Valley High School. The audit could become problematic for teachers across the nation. Teachers must protect themselves by ensuring that they are not victimized by the accusations associated with racial disparities. According to the article, […]