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  Protect Your School Today!  
  It only takes one publicized allegation of racism and your reputation could be destroyed forever.  
  In the past year, the United States Department of Education Office of Civil Rights received well over 9,000 civil rights complaints. Since complaints become public knowledge, it also becomes an embarrassment for the schools, teachers, and the community. This public knowledge damages the reputation of schools and school employees.  
  In most civil rights complaints, disproportionate discipline becomes the primary indicator for any possible racism. Schools that are found non-compliant may be required to provide the complaining party with a monetary awards. The final step requires the schools to officially formulate a plan of action to avoid future civil rights complaints. Schools can avoid this punitive process by utilizing the products of the Raccelerate Racism Phenomenon.  
  Below is a short video on how to use the Raccelerate Racism Formula.  
As indicated in the video, the Raccelrate Formula is free. You can purchase the Raccelerate Formula App or the Racclerate System.
  The Raccelerate Racism System includes the formula, scale,and chart that will empower teachers to privately monitor the quantity of discipline in their classroom. This will enable the teachers and ultimately the school to remain under the "Racism Radar".  
  The Raccelerate Racism System will help schools to avoid the atrocities associated with civil rights complaints by staying under the racism radar. Teachers can use the Raccelerate Racism to monitor their progress and therefore avoid damaging the good reputation of the school.  

The Next to keeping track of your progress


Teachers and administrators are constantly trying to keep under the racism radar. Certain people may assume they have made progress, but how do they really know?

  The wallet size edition is a convenient way to carry with you at all times the Raccelerate Racism System. Along with a smart phone, you will always be ready to put the Raccelerate Racism System into action.  
  Order Your Raccelerate Racism System Kit Today!  
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