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Diversity Training 
Diversity training 
Many administrators and teachers come from different economic and racial backgrounds than their students in their school. These differences have caused many racial challenges which results in low student achievement, high disciplinary infractions, high student dropout rates, low teacher morale, and high special education referrals for historically underserved students to name a few.                                               

  While much of the diversity training implemented in public schools focuses on superficial aspects of culture, language inclusion, and community involvement, the program is a scientifically researched-based program, which has benefits for students, teachers, parents, administrators, and the community.   
  The benefits include:   
  • Decreased racial teansions between teachers and students 
  • Meeting Every Student Succeeds Act Requirement  
  • Helping to meet minority staff deficit
  • Eliminates civil rights lawsuits
  • Increases school productivity
  • Saves school resources
  • Reduced disciplinary infractions
  • Reduced school dropout rate
  • Increased student achievement
  The promoting positive racial teacher student classroom relationships program is designed to address the negative impact that racial clashes between teachers and students has on the school. The program equips administrators and teachers to overcome those differences in both racial and economic values by teaching leadership skills and increasing racial competency.    
  The book - Promoting Positive Racial Teacher Student Classroom Relationships - forms the foundation for the program.  


"Dr. Campbell did his part and now all we have to do is run with it."


Tom Coleman

Woodstown-Pilesgrove Public Schools

Superintendent of Schools


Positive Racial Relationships Program

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