Classroom Racism Management
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Diversity Training 
Diversity training 
Racism in Education 
  Recent racial tensions in the United States have made schools the target of  discrimination and racial allegations. Even the United States Department of Education Office of Civil Rights has ramped up their efforts to ensure that discipline policies are drafted and applied in a manner that does not discriminate against racial or ethnic groups. More and more parents and civil activist are targeting schools and resort to litigation which can become costly for schools.                                                                    
Diversity Training for Teachers 
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  Most schools choose to purchase insurance to protect against such litigation but the reality is that racial allegations are damaging in many other areas. Racial allegations can bring unwanted media attention to the schools. Teachers morale will suffer which in the long run will have an impact on the culture of the school and student achievement.  
  Schools can further protect their image, staff, and students by having an independent audit for purpose of evaluating racism within the schools. During the audit we:  
  • Evaluate root cause(s) of teacher student tensions using quantitative methods
  • Evaluate root cause(s) of teacher student tensions using qualitative methods
  • Evaluate values, attitudes, and beliefs that contribute to teacher student tension
  • Develop Systemic Structure to determine best starting point to reduce teacher student tensions
  • Recommend best leadership practices for reducing teacher student tensions   


“The model that you use to analyze teacher-student relationships is a good one for most school districts”.


Joe Vas

Perth Amboy Mayor

Eliminate Classroom Racism School Audit
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