Classroom Racism Management
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Diversity Training 
Diversity training 
Diversity Training for Schools 
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The book "Promoting Positive Racial Teacher Student Classroom Relationships" forms the foundation for the full and half seminar which establishes the Classroom Racism Crisis Management process. During the full day seminar leaders learn how to facilitate the process that promotes positive racial teacher student classroom relationships.                                                
  They are provided an opportunity to assess their leadership and cultural competence characteristics to ensure greater success as they transform their school. The leadership strand informs each participant how to facilitate the process step by step, which includes conducting a scientifically based organizational analysis, team building, and implementation. The cultural competency stand better equips educators to be effective at promoting positive racial teacher student classroom relationships. As part of the leadership seminar, participants receive a textbook and workbook to complete all activities and use a reference material as they transform their school.                                                               
"The Eliminate Classroom Racism Seminar is comprehensive, informative, and should be required training for all schools"

~ Darrell Pope ~
Hutchinson Kansas NAACP Pressident

Eliminate Classroom Racism Leadership Training Seminar
  Does Not Include Travel, Lodging, and Cost of Materials  

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