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Gloucester Township Cultural Challenges

During a phone interview, Mr. Phil Warner, president of Gloucester Township NAACP spoke to Dr. Campbell about the continuing challenge of racial profiling, cultural biases in our schools, and the future goals of the local NAACP. Mr. Warner and Dr. Campbell talked about the biased administrative decisions that increase the underrepresentation of non-historically underserved student involvement in disciplinary infractions and the solutions to racial profiling.

Overcoming the Poverty Cycle by Reducing Classroom Disruptions for Historically Underserved Students                                 

Dr. Campbell speaks about how classroom disruptions impact the educational outcome for our young people.  Classroom disruptions lead to increased disciplinary consequences, lower student achievement, increased tardiness and absences from school, which ultimately impacts the children's future in our society.

Continuing Civil Rights Challenges

Mr. Walter Dority, a veteran civil rights activist and champion for the little guy, spoke to Dr. Campbell about the negative impact that the Civil Rights Act has had on the historically underserved community and the lack of financial support that the stimulus package has made for the historically underserved communities.

National and New Jersey Cultural Challenges

Mr. James Harris, elected president of the New Jersey NAACP, spoke to Dr. Campbell about the civil rights challenges that exist in our nation and New Jersey. During the interview Mr. Harris highlighted the school to prison cultural tract that is creating a permanent societal underclass, the cultural conflict between parental guidance and the schools culture, and the impact of teacher demographics on the education of our historically underserved youth.

Social and Civil Injustices in Asbury Park


Asbury Park-Neptune NAACP president – Adrienne Sanders, treasurer- Rose Foster-Bloodsaw, and NAACP member – Frankie Nicholson speak to Dr. Campbell about the social and civil injustices that the predominately White Asbury Park School Board has forced on a predominately African American community.

Current Changes in High School Graduation Requirements

Dr. Joan Duval-Flynn, the chairperson of the Education Committee Pennsylvania State Conference NAACP Branches and president of the Media Area Unit of the NAACP, speaks to Dr. Campbell about the impact that the new proposed changes in high schools graduation requirements will have on students, parents, and school districts.

Community of Color in Crisis

Dr. Duval-Flynn, president of the Media Area Unit of the NAACP, speaks to Dr. Campbell about the crisis that the community of color is facing and provides advice for parents and students.

Increasing Minority Teachers in Our Schools

Mr. Howard Jean, director of the Call Me Mister and TS2 College Programs, speaks to Dr. Campbell about the challenges and successes of both programs which are designed to increase the number of minority teachers in our schools.


Ethical Decision Making Process to Assess the Need for Improving Racial and Gender Relationships in Schools and Businesses

Dr. Derrick L. Campbell speaks about an ethical decision making process that educational and business leaders should use when assessing the need for implementing an initiative that improves racial and gender relationships.

Improving Student Achievement by Transforming Student Eating Habits

Dr. Kia Phillips, an assistant principal, speaks to Dr. Campbell about the impact that healthy student eating habits has on student achievement. Dr. Phillips provides strategies for teachers, parents, and school districts that desire to transform the eating habits of students.


Diversity Challenges in Higher Education



Grace Odums, a Strategy Consultant, speaks to Dr. Campbell about the different diversity challenges in higher education and how these challenges impact the United States and world economy.


The Culturally Proficient School


Dr. Franklin CampbellJones, vice president of CampbellJones and Associates, former college professor at Rowan University, and educator for over thirty years speaks to Dr. Campbell about the Culturally Proficient School.

Diversity Challenges in the Workplace

Grace Odums, a Strategy Consultant, speaks to Dr. Campbell about the cultural challenges in the workplace, schools, and the connection to higher education. Two fifth grade students, Joshua Carey and Sterling Brown III speak about other students in their school using the n-word.

Solving Cultural Challenges in Our Schools Part I

Dr. Derrick L. Campbell, speaks about some of the different cultural challenges in our schools and the solution.

Student Perspectives on Effective and Ineffective Teacher-Student Classroom Relationships

Two former high school students who recently graduated from the District of Columbia Public Schools, Craig Campbell Jr. and Marquita McClain, speak to Dr. Campbell about effective and ineffective teachers.


The Culturally Proficient Student



Dr. Campbell interviews Dr. Wanda Carter regarding how culturally proficient students are able to succeed in school as well as the challenges that non-proficient students face in our schools. Dr. Wanda Carter, speaks about how culturally proficient students are able to succeed in school as well as the challenges that non-proficient students face in our schools.

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